8 Amazing Stress Relief Natural Supplements

Like foods, nutritional supplements are effective in helping us to establish sufficient amount of nutrients needed to achieve and maintain our body’s ability to handle stressful events. As a matter of fact, unless you have your own organic garden, our food sources are more and more depleted of foundation nutrients in them that more than before we need supplementation to cover the nutritional deficiency we may have from food sources.

Following are top 8 stress relief natural supplements that are worth your read and consideration:


During times of stress, the body rapidly loses B vitamins. B-complex vitamins support the nervous system and replenish needed nutrients. Nutri-Calm is a special formulation of vitamins and herbal combinations for the purpose of attaining calming and peaceful effect. It also contains rich amount of nervine and adaptagenic herbs. It helps calm the nerves without causing drowsiness. Improves a person’s ability to cope with day-to-day stresses. I keep a bottle of Nutri-Calm on my work desk and my wife carries Nutri-Calm tablets in her purse.


When you are having a noticeable moment of anxiousness, AnxiousLess may be your first go-to supplement. This product is specially formulated using various potent nutraceutical ingredients such as Sceletium tortuosum, a time honored herb, and other key nutrients that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves. AnxiousLess targets feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways with fast acting effects without drowsiness. It aids in dilating blood vessels to the brain to improve mental alertness and focus.

Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would consider this a fire-enhancing formula. Its Chinese name yang xin translates to “nurture the heart.” Weakness in the fire element usually manifests itself in the digestive, cardiovascular or reproductive systems. Biota seed contains aromatic compounds that have a sedative effect. These compounds also have a mild laxative effect. Jujuba seed contains bitter compounds that help promote relaxation. Schisandra fruit, a supporting herb in this formula, allows the body to respond quickly to stress, thus increasing the body’s capacity to work. Its bitter compounds also support circulation. Ginseng acts as an adaptogen to help maintain balance in the body and help the body adapt to stress. This particular formula is great for relieving “burn-out” symptoms. Promotes a restful night’s sleep and increases energy during the day. It is well balanced with adaptagenic, adrenal tonic, and nervine herbs.

Adrenal Support

As discussed in our previous blogs, the adrenal hormones and their functions are linked to virtually all of the body systems. Thus, many physiological processes and bodily functions, including cardiovascular health, sex drive, pH balance, skin conditions, energy levels, mood and overall psychological outlook often correlate to adrenal gland function. Adrenal support supplementation is therefore critical to our overall health and specially dealing with stress. The product Adrenal Support is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to nourish and strengthen the adrenal glands and to promote glandular secretion.

Mood Elevator Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrate

Traditional Chinese Medicine would consider this a “fire enhancing” combination to regulate and untrap the chi (vitality). Its Chinese name jie yu can be translated to mean “relieve anxiety and tension.” According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the liver is functioning at its peak, positive mood may be maintained.

Because the liver helps provide filtered blood to all cells of the body, liver health and function can greatly influence mood. Undesirable blood compounds must be properly neutralized by the liver. Chinese Mood Elevator contains Chinese herbs that help cleanse and support the liver. Bupleurum is thought to strengthen the liver, providing a “yang” energy that the Chinese believe raises the chi (the body’s living force) in the digestive organs. Cyperus also influences the liver and improves digestion with its bitter and aromatic properties.


During stressful times, we need more energy, better sleep, a level head, and a strong immune system. AdaptAble® is a plant-sourced, adaptogenic herbal stress blend to help support each of the above-mentioned needs. Solle Naturals’ Adaptable™ is a blend of 6 top adaptogenic herbs that are uniquely balanced using proprietary combination of standardized and concentrated plant extracts. A balanced extract of St. John’s Wort is also included. Click the link here to read more about its potent adaptogenic herbs.


Probio IQ is formulated with specific probiotic strains studied for their concurrent body and mind benefits, in addition to long-proven GI tract and immune system activity. Probio IQ is combined with our clarifying herb blend which includes adaptogenic herbs and herbs for mental focus, making this formula truly a next generation probiotic.

Distress Remedy (Homeopathy)

When under the stress, a quick homeopathy product to give you the “pick-me-upper” deal would be the Distress Remedy. Formulated with 7 potent flower essences, the Distress Remedy may help with following emotional occasions: keeps one caught up from panic or hysteria, promotes calmness in the midst of crisis; helps a person to overcome fear, terror and panic; helps one to disassociate shock and trauma, restores awareness and presence.

Other stress relief aids: Aromatherapy, avoid stimulants, sugar, and alcohol

Feel free to contact us if you have question and/or interest in any of these products.


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