ADD & ADHD – Behavioral Disorder with a Biological Basis?

Some of the common symptoms of ADD with hyperactivity (ADHD) are restlessness, inability to concentrate, aggressiveness, incomplete projects, quarrelsome attitude, and angry outbursts. To teachers and parents, these are considered often as “behavioral” problems. On the contrary, ADD children are passive or predominantly inattentive. These children are often quiet and though intelligent and bright, they just cannot seem to take in the information presented to them. They have been labeled to have “processing” problems.

In the context of natural health approach, one does not treat symptoms but rather looks to the underlying cause. ADD or ADHD does not mean Ritalin deficiency, but rather it is often caused by nutritional imbalance.

So, what are some of the most common underlying causes of the symptoms called ADD & ADHD? According to Dr. Mark Hyman (M.D), they are:

  •  Nutritional deficiencies – zinc, magnesium, B6, Omega3
  • Neurotransmitter and Hormonal problems – sleep, behavior, attention & hand writing problems
  • Inflammation – allergies & too much sugar & yeast
  • Digestive Imbalances – Overuse of antibiotics, anal itching (yeast)
  • Toxin Overload – lead, food additives, sugar, etc…

There are numerous alternative approaches recommended for healthy brain and ADD/ADHD. You can find some of them in this post or you can contact us for more information on this subject.

Dos for the Brain
Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D.
1. Drink lots of water
2. Eat healthy
3. Take Ginkgo, Vit.C/E and Omega3 every day.
4. Think positive healthy thoughts
5. Love, feed & exercise your brain
6. Spend time with positive & uplifting people
7. Talk to others in loving, helpful ways
8. Practice meditation & prayer daily
9. Effectively confront & deal with conflict
10. Laugh everyday

Don’ts for the Brain
Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D.
1. Ignore erratic behavior
2. Lie around the house & never exercise
3. Ignore concussions
4. Smoke
5. Drink much caffeine
6. Drink much alcohol
7. Do drugs
8. Eat without forethought
9. Drive w/o seatbelt, ride bicycle,  motorcyle, skateboard, roller bade, snowboard, etc.. w/o a helmet
10. Focus on the negative things in your life

Healthy Brain – Children Program

For acute ADD or ADHD conditions we have experienced many successful results (see testimonials) by using the Focus Attention – Powder or Capsule, Omega 3 DHA, and a Multivitamin and Minerals.
Sunshine Heroes LogogTo address the issue at a foundational level, we recommend the following protocol:
Step 1: REMOVE the BAD Stuff
  •  Artificial Food Flavors & Additives – aspartame & other artificial sweeteners; MSG, Sulfur Dioxide
  • Artificial Food Colorings – Red dye #2, Yellow dye #6 and others
  • Heavy Metals – Amalgan Silver dental fillings, cookware, antiperspirant
  • Common Allergens – Food allergy test, food intolerance (e.g. Gluten)
  • Unhealthy drinks – such as soda, energy drinks, and cows milk (increases mucous production)Step 2: ADD the GOOD Stuff
  • Wholesome diet foods with low-glycemic index and phyto-nutrient rich foods
  • Natural Sweeteners – Stevia, Xylitol, molasses, honey, etc….
  • Food-based Multivitamin and Mineral – e.g. soft-chew Sunshine Heroes Multiple Vitamin and Mineral (#3341-6)
  • Omega 3 DHA/EPA – soft-chew Sunshine Heroes Omega 3 with DHA (#3342-4)
  • Powerful Anti-oxidants – soft-chew Whole Foods ANtioxidant (#3344-9)
  • Good Bacteria Probiotics – chewable tablet Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power (#3346-7)
  • Enzymes to aid digestion – soft-chew Sunshine Heroes Whole Foods Papayazyme (#3345-3)
  • Vitamin D3 & Calcium for healthy bones – soft-chew Sunshine Heroes Calcium plus D3 (#3343-1)

Healthy Brain – Adult Program

For alertness, acuity, and good memory

BrainWe recommend the same protocol as for children, except with products specific to adults. For example, in the  REMOVE the BAD Stuff section, we would include all the caffeinated drinks, refined carbohydrates, and the bad fats – such as fast foods, margarine, trans-fats.

The GOOD Stuff we suggest:

  • Wholesome diet foods with low-glycemic index and phyto-nutrient rich foods
  • Natural Sweeteners – Stevia, Xylitol, molasses, honey, etc….
  • Food-based Multivitamin and Mineral – e.g. Super Supplemental (#1792-7)
  • Omega 3 DHA – DHA (1513-5)
  • Powerful Anti-oxidants – Thai-Go drink (4095-1) and Brain Protex (3114-1)
  • Good Bacteria Probiotics – Probiotic 11 (1510-1) or Bifidophilus (4080-4)
  • Enzymes to aid digestion – Food Enzymes (1836-9), Protactazymes Plus (1525-0)
  • Vitamin D3 for Immune boosting – Vitamin D3 (1155-1)
  • Improve Memory – Ginkgo Biloba (898-8) or Ginkgo/Gotu Kola w/ Bacopa (899-6)

Check out the Real Results Section for testimonials.


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