Arsenics in Rice, Mushrooms, and Wine

In our last blog we viewed a video by Dr. Wright who spoke of importance of avoiding different kind of heavy metals in our body for they can trigger cardiovascular anomalies.

You may not see how prevalent are heavy metals in our daily life? Let me share a small sample of our daily exposure to heavy metals:

  • Dental amalgan, some vaccines, batteries – contain some Mercury.
  • Cookwares and Deodorants – contain Aluminum.
  • Soil and Water – Arsenic.
  • Old paint, batteries, solder, toys, artist paints, fuels, water – Lead.
  • Many food and drinks contain some amount of Tin, Nickel, Cadmium, etc…

Here is a video by Dr. Greger of to further substantiate existence of Arsenic heavy metal in our regular daily food and drinks such as rice, mushrooms, and wine.

What are we to do?

Obviously we want to avoid the heavy metal exposure as much as we can. However given in the world we live in today, this is practically impossible. So the next best thing is to give yourself a chelation treatment on a regular basis. Simplistically, chelation is a process of removing the heavy metal toxins from within our body. Many herbs can do that rather effectively. You are welcome to call us for chelation programs that we have for heavy metals.


Posted by Paul

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