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How’s Your Microbiome?

Suffice to say that you and I all have Microbiomes. As a matter of fact, we not only have the Microbiome, we ARE the Microbiome. That is, our Microbiome make up who we are genetically, biologically, and even emotionally as it affects our brain function as well.

Is Avocado Good For You?

Is Avocado Good For You?

How to Detox After New Year’s Parties

It’s fun to pop some champagne and toast the new year, but the next day rarely has you feeling as good. Start the new year fresh by giving your liver a much deserved cleanse and detoxing the rest of your body while you’re at it.

Introducing Dr. Michael Greger

In the course of last 2 years however, I found a site that does an excellent job in doing what I was doing and more. That would be Dr. Michael Greger's website. It contains well researched scientific topics with lots and lots of scientific paper references. In fact, you will see his presentation is 100% based on scientific papers. As a result, I have benefited and enjoyed tremendously from his work over the course of last 2 years.

How Lack of Sleep Affects the Brain

Ever wondered why you have brain fog especially after a night of bad sleep? By common sense they should be related. But now the scientist are devising cognitive tests to put this notion to bed (pun intended). The article below (posted here verbatim) by BBC News Medical Correspondent about an online world-wide cognitive tests that Western University in Ontario, Canada is conducting. This is the world's largest test of its kind and yes, you and I may participate in it. Read on....

Top 10 Natural Remedies For Disaster Relief

So, the question  I ask myself at a time like this is - Am I prepared for the disaster that could unfold for me and my family? How about you? Are you prepared? Do you have a small essential list of items that you keep at hand just for an occasion such as this? Even when there is no imminent danger at hand, one should have an emergency first-aid kit ready and handy. I would like to offer below a brief and condensed list of items that we personal have at hand at all times that can become life-safer when it is needed:

Arsenics in Rice, Mushrooms, and Wine

Here is a video by Dr. Greger of NutritionFacts.org to further substantiate existence of Arsenic heavy metal in our regular daily food and drinks such as rice, mushrooms, and wine.

Untold Causes of Hypertension

Here is a video that you may find interesting regarding high blood pressure. The points Dr. Wright making here are not generally discussed by medical doctors but they may be highly relevant to your heart health and particularly high blood pressure condition. You don't have to take my words for it. Watch this video (16 minutes) and see for yourself.

In Defense of Coconut Oil: Rebuttal to USA Today

Found an insightful and well researched article on the recent Coconut Oil controversy introduced by FDA and other health organizations. The media frenzy has ensued since that publication including the USA Today. I enjoy reading both sides of discussion and look for the evidence based analysis and conclusions drawn based on the inductive logic (versus the deductive method).

Amazon Plans to Buy Whole Foods: What Does This Mean for the Future of Food?

By now, most of us have heard the big news in the organic food business - Amazon.com plans to buy Whole Foods before 2017 is over. I have read many blogs, news updates, and commentaries from all different persuasions. The blog listed below is the only one that I feel is the most factual, fair, and worth republishing on my site.