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How to Detox After New Year’s Parties

It’s fun to pop some champagne and toast the new year, but the next day rarely has you feeling as good. Start the new year fresh by giving your liver a much deserved cleanse and detoxing the rest of your body while you’re at it.

It’s fun to pop some champagne and toast the new year, but the next day rarely has you feeling as good. Start the new year fresh by giving your liver a much deserved cleanse and detoxing the rest of your body while you’re at it.

  1. Turn to Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt should already be a staple in your diet—it’s low calorie, full of nutrients, and contains healthy probiotics—and it should absolutely be a pillar of your detox diet.

Greek yogurt contains fructose, which can help to burn any lingering alcohol in your system. Include some nutritious additions, such as energy-boosting pistachios or antioxidant-rich blueberries to really put this snack over the top.

  1. Detox Your Life

Food and drink aren’t the only toxins in our lives that may hurt our health. The first of the year is a great time to purge your life of toxins and chemicals that may be harming you.

Obviously, alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods have got to go when you’re detoxing. But other toxins to eliminate include cigarettes, fragranced soaps and candles, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Introduce all-natural alternatives into your home so that those toxins don’t re-enter your body when your detox diet ends.

  1. Sip on Dandelions

Yes, we mean those weeds that grow in your yard each spring (tongue and cheek). Dandelions are actually a powerful plant full of nutrients. Some studies have shown that dandelions contain diuretic and liver-detoxifying properties, and one study even showed that dandelion root extract reduced alcohol-related liver damage in mice.

You can easily find detox dandelion teas at your local health foods store or try a dandelion supplement to receive all of the plant’s healthful benefits.

  1. Get a Clean Start

You can get some help starting the year off right with a detoxifying dietary supplement. Nature’s Sunshine’s Clean Start comes in a variety of flavors and strengths. This two-week program includes a capsule and drink mix combination perfected to aid your body in its natural cleansing process.

Clean Start gently moves intestinal contents through the digestive system, may help maintain natural energy levels, and supports healthy liver detoxification and function, among other benefits.

  1. Sweat it Out

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which makes it an essential part of a comprehensive detox. Although you may not feel like heading to the gym on New Year’s Day, you’ll benefit from sweating out those toxins from the night before.

Even if you can’t get yourself to the treadmill, a session in the sauna or hot shower can help you excrete toxins and leave your body ripe for replenishment with nutrients and lots of water.


Source: Nature’s Sunshine Website Blogs


Are Adults over 50 Able to Absorb B-12?

As you age, your body can become less capable of absorbing adequate amounts of some nutrients, including vitamin B-12. Studies indicate that about 40% of the U.S. population suffers from some sort of Vitamin B-12 deficiency, either because they are not eating the types of foods that provide B-12 or because they are unable to absorb enough of the vitamin through their intestines.

As you age, your body can become less capable of absorbing adequate amounts of some nutrients, including vitamin B-12. Studies indicate that about 40% of the U.S. population suffers from some sort of Vitamin B-12 deficiency, either because they are not eating the types of foods that provide B-12 or because they are unable to absorb enough of the vitamin through their intestines.

vitamin B12 held in hand

Like all of the B vitamins, Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin, and that means that the body does not manufacture any of it on its own. The only way to get the vitamin is through the foods you eat. Unfortunately, as men and women get older, years of poor diet, consumption of alcohol, smoking, and diseases or illnesses might prevent the body from being able to absorb sufficient B-12.

What Does Vitamin B-12 Do in Your Body?

All of the B vitamins are crucial to the mechanisms of your body on a cellular level. If you are low on one or multiple B vitamins, chances are you will feel run down and tired (at the very least) as the B vitamins directly activate metabolic processes that allow you to gain energy from the foods you eat.

Vitamin B-12, in particular, acts like a key for a number of very important processes to take place that play vital roles in your energy levels, including red blood cell formation, proper nervous system function, DNA synthesis, and more.

There are four types of Vitamin B-12—three of which are critical to health maintenance:

  1. Methylcobalamin is the most active form of Vitamin B-12, the main key for cellular and metabolic processes. Methylcobalamin is the form of B-12 that you find naturally occurring in the foods you eat, and it is the most easily absorbed and utilized by your body.
  2. Hydroxocobalamin is another naturally occurring form of B12 that is found in the foods you eat. This form of B-12 easily converts into methylcobalamin in the body. If you have a serious B-12 deficiency that requires B-12 injections, it will be hydroxocobalamin in the syringe. Fun fact: hydroxocobalamin is also used to counteract cyanide poisoning.
  3. Adenosylcobalamin is the least stable form of B-12 and occurs naturally in foods that have B-12.

Dietary Sources of B-12

Vitamin B-12 is available only through animal sources like beef, fowl, fish, dairy, and eggs. For this reason, vegans and vegetarians are more susceptible to B-12 deficiency and need to supplement with B-12—preferably with products that contain methylcobalamin. For those who have gut health problems and cannot easily digest animal products, B-12 deficiencies are also common.

How Is Vitamin B-12 Absorbed?

B-12 is absorbed through the intestines after your stomach produces a protein called intrinsic factor. If you don’t produce enough intrinsic factor, you may end up with a B-12 deficiency. Gut health, therefore, is crucial to your absorption rates of B-12. Antibiotics; chemical food additives like MSG; mercury poisoning from dental fillings, farmed fish and shellfish, and water; a diet high in refined flours, sugars, and fats; high alcohol consumption; smoking; and certain diseases or illnesses can all harm your gut health and reduce or prevent B-12 absorption.

Are You Low on Vitamin B-12?

With 40% of the population suffering from some degree of B-12 deficiency, chances are you or someone you know needs a B-12 boost. The National Health and Nutritional Health Examination Survey estimates that 3.2% of people over 50 suffer from a seriously low level of B-12, while 20% of people 50 and older are borderline deficient!

Deficiency symptoms can range from fatigue and weakness to serious depression, memory loss, loss of smell or taste, pins and needles in the arms and legs, and more.

Supplementing with Vitamin B-12

As we’ve discussed above, the preferred form of Vitamin B-12 is methylcobalamin. For those over 50—and especially for those 50 or older who are vegetarian or vegan—a liquid methylcobalamin supplement that you drop under the tongue is the most effective. Remember that the B vitamins work most effectively when they work together, so you need to be getting all your B vitamins every day.

Remember also that any good quality supplements only benefit you if you are also eating a well-balanced diet and avoiding sugar and junk foods.

Source: http://blog.naturessunshine.com/en


Nutritional Beverages Gaining Popularity

In a recent research released by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and IRI, U.S. sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG), in 2016, showed growth of American consumers for convenient nutrition but also for apparently contradictory not-so-healthy treats such as confections and alcohol.

First of all, Happy Independence Day to everyone! I, like many, am celebrating the amazing freedom we have which often we take it for granted.

Summer is in full swing and we all should be hydrating ourselves more. Appropriately, I have been writing about water the last couple of blogs. Here is an interesting coverage on the new trend in the market place about nutritional and hyper-functional beverages.

In a recent research released by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and IRI, U.S. sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG), in 2016, showed growth of American consumers for convenient nutrition but also for apparently contradictory not-so-healthy treats such as confections and alcohol.

“Our research shows that the growing popularity of convenient nutrition and wellness remains one of the most powerful trends in the U.S. consumer packaged goods industry,” said Jim Brennan, a BCG partner and co-author of the study. “But this does not mean that American consumers’ craving for indulgences has diminished.”

“Sales growth in these product categories is projected to remain strong,” said Krishnakumar (KK) Davey, president of IRI Strategic Analytics. “As long as the products are used for human consumption, we expect these bifurcated trends—demand for health and wellness products as well as for indulgence products—to continue, irrespective of whether they are bought in traditional stores or via an intelligent personal digital assistant like Alexa on Amazon.”

IRI and BCG generated three lists of growth leaders: small companies ($100 million to $1 billion in IRI-measured retail sales), midsize companies ($1 billion to $5.5 billion), and large companies (more than $5.5 billion).

The research found that health and beauty aids that convey “wellness” were one of the strong CPG growth categories in 2016.

“Hyper-functional beverages”—drinks with health and wellness in mind, such as improving health, boosting energy, or managing weight—was one of the hottest categories of 2016. For example, some key ingredients may included almond and macadamia milk, ginger, turmeric, ginseng, and other adaptogenic herbs sourced by direct trade.

Whether to have a hyper-functional drink or an indulging drink, the choice is clearly yours. But as for me, I go for healthy drinks 100% of the time!

I will be holding a workshop on Hydration & Hyper-Functional Beverages on July 11th, 2017, Tuesday. If you are within driving distance to our Wellness Center, consider this an invitation to come and join us on this FREE event. Please click here for more details.

For some of our own powerful hyper-functional beverage products, feel free to check the following blogs:

Ready for Some 4ward Thinking Drinks – http://www.healthyindeed.com/ready-for-some-4ward-thinking/

Thai-Go – https://www.naturessunshine.com/us/product/thai-go-two-25-fl-oz-bottles/4195/


Source: https://www.bcg.com/ and https://www.iriworldwide.com/


Is Your Phone Causing You Adrenal Stress?

I just watched an interesting 60 Minutes Show named Brain Hacking by correspondent Anderson Cooper. The impact of our modern day high tech gadgets on human behavioral patterns and health is discussed. Allow me share some personal takeaways from the wellness perspective.

I recently watched an interesting 60 Minutes segment called Brain Hacking by correspondent Anderson Cooper. The impact of our modern day high tech gadgets on human behavioral patterns and health is discussed. Allow me share some personal takeaways from the wellness perspective.

  • The giant high tech companies that we all know (and perhaps love), which I will not name here (but you know who they are), have their software engineers design their systems to capture users habits and advertise and direct you to form habits that they desire you to have. This claim was made by Tristan Harris, a former Google product manager.
  • Psychologist Rosen and his team at California State University Dominguez Hills have found that when people spend time away from their phones, their brain signals the adrenal gland to produce bursts of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol triggers a fight-or-flee response to danger. While our primitive ancestors would be using it for primarily survival purpose, you and I are being regularly bombarded by cortisol in our body due to anxiety created by the small modern day gadget related events.
  • Anderson Cooper visited the California State University and was hooked up to their system to monitor for his brain waves and cortisol hormone response. The monitor clearly showed a small amount of cortisol injection into the blood system by the adrenal gland every time his phone rang and/or he gave thought to who/what might the incoming message be.
  • Some experts believe generally speaking we go through this level of anxiety every 15 minutes or so while away from the gadgets. Thus explaining most of us check and recheck our mobile devices so very frequently throughout the day to calm our nerves.
  • Cooper and the 60 Minutes team found that teens are among the most susceptible to phone anxiety. “The early science suggests that heavy users of technology, of smartphones, for example, become very anxious when they’re not using the technology,” says 60 Minutes producer Guy Campanile in the video above. “Teenagers already are the most anxious people you’re ever going to meet, so when you toss into that mix a device that, when they’re not using, makes them anxious, it just ratchets everything up three or four levels.”

Is it a wonder why there are more and more of us having anxiety attacks (some small and some not so small)? In my previous blogs dedicated to stress, I discussed about how low-level but frequent occurrence of stress events can affect our cortisol levels and insulin production. The cortisol and adrenaline stress hormones play an important role in preparing us to fight-or-flight from an adverse event at the expense of creating a temporary imbalance in our body’s mineral (salt), insulin (sugar), and hormone (sex) levels. If we gave it a time, our body has ways to bring back to balance these important areas of our health. However, the problem is that before the balance is restored, another stimulating event takes place and triggering another burst of adrenaline/cortisol into our system.

What are you and I to do when these small stress events are a part of our “norm” lifestyle? I suggested several ways in the following blogs that you are welcome to read on further:

  1. Eat Healthy – http://www.healthyindeed.com/top-5-anti-stress-foods/
  2. Supplement to help to cope with stress – http://www.healthyindeed.com/8-amazing-stress-relief-natural-supplements/
  3. Learn and keep healthy anxiety-free habits – http://www.healthyindeed.com/10-habits-of-anxiety-free-people/
  4. Consider that cell phone of yours as a nerve-stimulating device, set a time every day to put aside that mobile device and walkaway for at least 1 to 2 hours or longer.
  5. Create habits and lifestyle to help you diminish any unnecessary stressful events of life no matter how small they are. That is, keep your life simple and easy!

To your health and wellness….

Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/hooked-on-phones/


8 Amazing Stress Relief Natural Supplements

Like foods, nutritional supplements are effective in helping us to establish sufficient amount of nutrients needed to achieve and maintain our body’s ability to handle stressful events. As a matter of fact, unless you have your own organic garden, our food sources are more and more depleted of foundation nutrients in them that more than before we need supplementation to cover the nutritional deficiency we may have from food sources.

Like foods, nutritional supplements are effective in helping us to establish sufficient amount of nutrients needed to achieve and maintain our body’s ability to handle stressful events. As a matter of fact, unless you have your own organic garden, our food sources are more and more depleted of foundation nutrients in them that more than before we need supplementation to cover the nutritional deficiency we may have from food sources.

Following are top 8 stress relief natural supplements that are worth your read and consideration:


During times of stress, the body rapidly loses B vitamins. B-complex vitamins support the nervous system and replenish needed nutrients. Nutri-Calm is a special formulation of vitamins and herbal combinations for the purpose of attaining calming and peaceful effect. It also contains rich amount of nervine and adaptagenic herbs. It helps calm the nerves without causing drowsiness. Improves a person’s ability to cope with day-to-day stresses. I keep a bottle of Nutri-Calm on my work desk and my wife carries Nutri-Calm tablets in her purse.


When you are having a noticeable moment of anxiousness, AnxiousLess may be your first go-to supplement. This product is specially formulated using various potent nutraceutical ingredients such as Sceletium tortuosum, a time honored herb, and other key nutrients that replenish your body’s stress-coping reserves. AnxiousLess targets feelings of anxiousness from multiple pathways with fast acting effects without drowsiness. It aids in dilating blood vessels to the brain to improve mental alertness and focus.

Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) would consider this a fire-enhancing formula. Its Chinese name yang xin translates to “nurture the heart.” Weakness in the fire element usually manifests itself in the digestive, cardiovascular or reproductive systems. Biota seed contains aromatic compounds that have a sedative effect. These compounds also have a mild laxative effect. Jujuba seed contains bitter compounds that help promote relaxation. Schisandra fruit, a supporting herb in this formula, allows the body to respond quickly to stress, thus increasing the body’s capacity to work. Its bitter compounds also support circulation. Ginseng acts as an adaptogen to help maintain balance in the body and help the body adapt to stress. This particular formula is great for relieving “burn-out” symptoms. Promotes a restful night’s sleep and increases energy during the day. It is well balanced with adaptagenic, adrenal tonic, and nervine herbs.

Adrenal Support

As discussed in our previous blogs, the adrenal hormones and their functions are linked to virtually all of the body systems. Thus, many physiological processes and bodily functions, including cardiovascular health, sex drive, pH balance, skin conditions, energy levels, mood and overall psychological outlook often correlate to adrenal gland function. Adrenal support supplementation is therefore critical to our overall health and specially dealing with stress. The product Adrenal Support is a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to nourish and strengthen the adrenal glands and to promote glandular secretion.

Mood Elevator Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrate

Traditional Chinese Medicine would consider this a “fire enhancing” combination to regulate and untrap the chi (vitality). Its Chinese name jie yu can be translated to mean “relieve anxiety and tension.” According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the liver is functioning at its peak, positive mood may be maintained.

Because the liver helps provide filtered blood to all cells of the body, liver health and function can greatly influence mood. Undesirable blood compounds must be properly neutralized by the liver. Chinese Mood Elevator contains Chinese herbs that help cleanse and support the liver. Bupleurum is thought to strengthen the liver, providing a “yang” energy that the Chinese believe raises the chi (the body’s living force) in the digestive organs. Cyperus also influences the liver and improves digestion with its bitter and aromatic properties.


During stressful times, we need more energy, better sleep, a level head, and a strong immune system. AdaptAble® is a plant-sourced, adaptogenic herbal stress blend to help support each of the above-mentioned needs. Solle Naturals’ Adaptable™ is a blend of 6 top adaptogenic herbs that are uniquely balanced using proprietary combination of standardized and concentrated plant extracts. A balanced extract of St. John’s Wort is also included. Click the link here to read more about its potent adaptogenic herbs.


Probio IQ is formulated with specific probiotic strains studied for their concurrent body and mind benefits, in addition to long-proven GI tract and immune system activity. Probio IQ is combined with our clarifying herb blend which includes adaptogenic herbs and herbs for mental focus, making this formula truly a next generation probiotic.

Distress Remedy (Homeopathy)

When under the stress, a quick homeopathy product to give you the “pick-me-upper” deal would be the Distress Remedy. Formulated with 7 potent flower essences, the Distress Remedy may help with following emotional occasions: keeps one caught up from panic or hysteria, promotes calmness in the midst of crisis; helps a person to overcome fear, terror and panic; helps one to disassociate shock and trauma, restores awareness and presence.

Other stress relief aids: Aromatherapy, avoid stimulants, sugar, and alcohol

Feel free to contact us if you have question and/or interest in any of these products.


Daily Detoxification Tips

What’s better than detoxing regularly (once to 4 times a year)? It’s detoxing every single day! Why better?
  • Avoid toxin accumulation over time by addressing the key channels of elimination in our body on a daily basis.
  • Even when you detox 4 times a year like us, we are rotating our detox program on different elimination organs. Thereby cleansing a particular organ only once a year. We are still allowing at least a year long of toxicity build-up on that organ.
  • We are taking in toxins daily, by foods/water we ingest or air we breathe or chemicals we touch and apply topically. So why should we not find a way to get rid of them on a daily basis?
  • Daily detox is gradual and gentler than most of the one-time detox programs. Keeping your body eliminating unwanted waste material incrementally and constantly.
  • Just like you should do exercise regularly, if not daily, daily detoxing enables our body to be in the tip-top shape all day, all week, all month, and all year long.
  • Daily detoxing could be the detox that ends all the detoxes!

Here are some key foods and daily essentials you should consider to aid in your daily detox routines.

Foods to Eat

(choose organic to avoid pesticides)fruits

  • garlic, leeks, onions, chives, scallions
  • broccoli, collards, kale, brussels sprouts, bok choy, arugula, radish, turnips
  • eggs, turmeric, curry, green tea, lecithin

Daily Essentials

  1. Saponins (herbs with cleansing/soap-like properties).
    Lecithin. Yucca (may help with joint health). Fat Grabbers®.
  2. Algin and Chlorella (found in Super Algae) may help with heavy metal detoxification.
  3. Prebiotics and Probiotics help restore a balanced flora environment; may help in the removal of some toxicants.
  4. Ultimate GreenZone. Daily detoxifier! Contains prebiotics, chlorella, lecithin, broccoli, kale and more!
  5. Liquid Chlorophyll. Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.
  6. Activated Charcoal and Bentonite clay (found in CleanStart) help grab toxicants and prevent their recirculation/reuptake in the body.
  7. Malic Acid (found in Fibralgia) helps with specific metal detox.
  8. Milk Thistle helps increase the rate of elimination from the body.
  9. N-Acetyl Cysteine may help with the removal of some metals.
  10. Cilantro (found in Heavy Metal Detox). Animal studies show that cilantro can help lower the rate of lead absorption into bone.
  11. Bowel Detox (for daily cleansing) contains algin, charcoal and bentonite clay to help absorb toxins.
  12. Dieters Cleanse, includes
    Bowel Detox and Enviro-Detox capsules, plus
    Milk Thistle
    (Liver Cleanse Formula).

Ready-To-Go Daily Detox Basics Pack

Got no time for all or any of the above because your schedule simply won’t allow that? Then try the Detox Basics. Detox Basics provides your body with the nutrients it needs to help neutralize, prepare and convert toxins for transport and elimination on a daily basis. Find out more about it by watching this video.


Fasting may help release toxins from fat. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids (filtered water, juice or broth) to help move toxins through the body for elimination. I have seen people food fast one day a week for years. People who are too sensitive, ill or weak should not fast. Continue the use of any prescribed medications during your fast.

Detox Side Effects Can Be Real

During detox, things like headache, lightheadedness, diarrhea and aches are normal. Just slow down a bit. Get plenty of fluids and take your cleanse every other day.


Sources: Cindy Klement at Leaders Conference 2014, in SLC, UT  and NSP blogs.


Specific Detoxes For Different Body Systems

Choosing the right detox routine depends on what your goals are. No matter what your choice is, it’s best to consider how each kind of detox will help each of your body’s systems.

Choosing the right detox routine depends on what your goals are. No matter what your choice is, it’s best to consider how each kind of detox will help each of your body’s systems.

Digestive System

What is it?

The digestive system is the system responsible for consuming and breaking down food into a usable form. It is also responsible for removing waste material left behind by the food we eat. The organs that make up the digestive system are the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, pancreas, rectum, and anus.

What’s the best cleanse?

  • Drinking Water – The more water you drink, the easier it is for your digestive system to get rid of waste material. There are lots of materials that end up getting stuck in the digestive system simply because the body cannot recognize them as food. Water helps to clear them out.
  • Juicing – The essential vitamins and minerals you ingest from juicing can help condition your digestive system to absorb nutrients more efficiently. It can also help your digestive system better recognize what is and isn’t food.
  • Cutting Out Carbs – There is never anything wrong with eliminating food from your diet that the body cannot use for energy. Doing this lightens the workload that your body is burdened with when it comes to eliminating waste material.
  • Herbal Detox – Typical American diet plan does not contain a sufficient amount of dietary fiber. Fiber is roughage of the vegetables and fruits that help our body to eliminate waste. It prevents and reduces chance for constipation. A well-planned regular digestive detox would always include dietary fibers of some kind along with other herbal chelators and prebiotics to assist our body to remove toxin built-up in our colon.
  • Probiotics – Our large intestine houses good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria. It is important to repopulate our body with sufficient probiotics (varying types of strains and high quantity) so that it can balance its environment for optimum immune and overall health functions.
  • Cleansing Program – By far our best seller is CleanStart (Apple Cinnamon or Wildberry flavors). They both have a powder drink mix with bentonite clay, fibers and other effective cleansing agents along with 3 capsules to stimulate the peristalsis movement of the colon. A milder version of CleanStart also available for those who have a sensitive digestive system.

Hepatic System

What is it?

The hepatic system is the system that is responsible for directing blood from parts of the gastrointestinal tract to the liver. Nutrient-rich substances absorbed in the small intestine travel first to the liver for processing before continuing to the heart. It also includes venous drainage from the spleen and pancreas.

Liver is the main detox organ of our body system. Liver performs this function in 2 phases. In first phase, liver converts toxic chemicals into a less harmful form via complex enzymatic actions. The detoxing effects is then completed through the second phase (Conjugation), when it chemically turns the less harmful chemicals into water-soluble form which are then dispel out of our body system through the urinary system.

What’s the best cleanse?

  • Drinking Water – Water plays a big role in detoxing any part of our body because it is present everywhere. This is particularly true in our blood.
  • Herbal Detox – As a blood filter, our liver is constantly bombarded with toxins that we ingest (drugs, processed foods, drinks, environmental contaminants, etc…). It gets intoxicated and can cause long term ill-effects on our body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers liver organ as the most important organ of our body. Just about every TCM herbal combination will have at least one herb in there to address liver functionality. The best liver detox I have found is the Tiao-He Cleanse which is a TCM formulation that aids the liver in its ability to manage Phase 1 and 2 of its detox process.
  • Green Tea – As stated in my previous blog, green tea contains powerful complex antioxidants. Antioxidants happen to be the exact nutrients used in both Phase 1 and 2 of the liver detox.
  • Juicing – Just like other forms of detox, vegetable and fruits juicing provides all kind of nutrients needed for the liver to take on a variety of toxins and transform them into harmless substances to be eventually excreted out of our body system.
  • Cleansing Program – Traditional Chinese Medicine treats liver as the main organ that needs much care and maintenance. In fact, you will very likely find an herb or more that directly nourishes or cleanses liver in just about every TCM formulation for whatever purpose. For that reason, we have a TCM-based liver cleanse that we love called Tiao He Cleanse. My wife and I do the Tiao He Cleanse at least twice a year to keep our hepatic systems in order.

Urinary System

What is it?

The Urinary System is a group of organs in the body concerned with filtering out excess fluid and other substances from the bloodstream. The substances are filtered out from the body in the form of urine. Urine is a liquid produced by the kidneys, collected in the bladder and excreted through the urethra.

What’s the best cleanse?

  • Drinking Water – Are you still surprised why drinking lots of water every day is a great form of continuous foundational detoxing methodology? How much should you drink a day? Half of your weight (lbs) in ounces of water.
  • Drink Cranberry Juice Daily –  Cranberry juice has natural bacterial inhibitors called proanthocyanidins. They play a role in cleansing the urinary system and preventing infections. Drink at least two, 8oz glasses of cranberry juice daily. Please use 100-percent cranberry juice, not a regular cheap cranberry juice with other ingredients mixed in.
  • Herbal Urinary Maintenance – Some herbs are excellent in nourishing your kidneys and bladder for optimal urinary system function. Here are some of them – parsley leaf, dandelion leaf, corn silk, uva ursi leaf, watermelon seed, asparagus stem. We have a product called by that exact name which you may find useful for your urinary system detox. Click here for more information.
  • Follow these additional tips for a long-term healthy urinary system: Don’t drink coffee, soda, or sugary beverages. Don’t eat foods with excessive amounts of protein.

No matter what kind of detoxing routine you choose, it’s important to always consult your doctor if you have any questions. Medical professionals have dedicated years of their lives to studying the effects that proper nutrition and toxin cleansing has on the human body.

We will cover about detoxing other body systems in the future blogs. But for now, in the next blog, I would like to share a recently popular concept of basic daily detoxing. What are some of the things we can do to avoid daily toxins and achieve mild daily cleansing on a on-going basis.

Source: Nature’s Sunshine Products Blogs


Detoxification Methodologies

Unfortunately, there are so many different detoxing methods out there, that picking the one that works best for your body can be difficult. Additionally, the type of detox that you select needs to be compatible with your health and fitness goals. To make the right decision, you first have to learn exactly what a detox is.

There is a lot out there regarding detoxing and cleansing. If you’re like a lot of people, you may have a general idea of what detoxing your body means, but you may not know how detoxing helps each of your body’s systems.

If done properly, detoxing your body can give you an extremely good foundation to start on as you start on any type of transformation journey. Whether you are wanting to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, or put on healthy weight, detoxing can give your body a good jumpstart.

Unfortunately, there are so many different detoxing methods out there, picking the one that works best for your body can be difficult. Additionally, the type of detox that you select needs to be compatible with your health and fitness goals. To make the right decision, you first have to learn exactly what a detox is.

What is a detox?

Detoxing, also known as cleansing, is the process in which you rid the body of harmful toxins or any other unhealthy substances that might be causing your body’s anatomic systems to function improperly. A basic detox can remove these toxins by giving a specified nutritional boost to the liver, where most impurities in the blood are removed.

There are multiple reasons why people would choose to perform a detox. Increasing energy levels, weight loss, and the ability to control cravings are just a few of the primary reasons.

No two detoxing methods are the same and no two detoxing methods will produce the same results. It’s important to understand that different detoxing methods can produce different results for different anatomic systems. What works for your nervous system may not work for you digestive system.

How do you know if you should detox?


There are always extenuating circumstances in which cleansing generally isn’t recommended. You should definitely consult your doctor if you are pregnant, on prescription medication, or are diabetic before you consider detoxing.

Many dietitians and other health-care professionals recommend performing some type of detox or cleanse at least once per year. Specifically if you are experiencing symptoms like:

  • bloating
  • irritated skin
  • excessive drowsiness
  • frequent viral infections
  • allergies

To figure out what detoxing method works best for each system, we first have to gain an understanding of some different detoxing and cleansing methods:

  • Drinking Water

A water detox is one of the most basic forms of cleansing that you could perform. By simply increasing your intake of water throughout the day, you can flush out unwanted toxins and help your kidneys get rid of unwanted bacteria and impurity build ups. Many people find that they have increased energy and feel less bloated after doing a water detox. The most common form of water cleansing is drinking a gallon of water a day for 10 days.

  • Sweating it out

Research is showing that when you sweat, you lose more than just salt and water through your pores. You are also pushing out unwanted impurities like toxins and heavy metals. Things like lead, mercury, and cadmium are often more efficiently excreted through sweat glands than they are through the urinary tract. If your gym has a dry or wet sauna, spend a few minutes in there after every workout. Even if you aren’t working out that day, hop in the sauna and let your body do its thing.

  • A green tea regimen

Green tea is naturally high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in the body. Because it’s so high in antioxidants, green tea also has the ability to boost your immune system and keep your digestive system operating smoothly. When people detox with green tea, they generally drink two cups a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, for an average of about 15 days to one month.

  • Fasting

This is generally the most recognizable form of detoxing and cleansing, and unfortunately it is the method that scares everyone away. First of all, fasting is NOT about starving yourself. Fasting, when it comes to detoxing, is about eliminating unhealthy  aspects of our diet to focus on other, more healthy options. Avoiding things like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or sugar for an extended period of time are the types of fasts that you need. While eliminating those substances, increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and water to help flush yourself out.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms (or bacteria) naturally found in the body that can help support your immune and digestive systems. There is good bacteria and then there is bad bacteria. The good bacteria in the body is designed to fight off the bad bacteria. Taking additional probiotic supplements can help boost the amount of good bacteria in the body, thus eliminating more bad bacteria that can cause digestion problems.

  • Exercise Change

As you have probably figured out, detoxing is all about making a change. Making changes doesn’t just mean changing your body, it means changing your mindset. Changing up your exercise routine can help you get into a better mental state that is more prepared for making positive changes. Doing the same exercise routine over and over again can become less and less effective because your body doesn’t consider it a challenge anymore. Drastic exercise change shocks your body, giving it more of a workout.

  • Cutting out Carbs

When we say carbs, we mean simple carbohydrates like white flour, white sugar, and fried foods. Most foods that contain these kinds of carbohydrates are usually over processed and packed full of preservatives that introduce more toxins to the body. They can spike your blood sugar, make you feel bloated, and put unnecessary strain on your excretory organs because they are now working overtime to get rid of them.

  • Skin Brushing

The skin performs so many different functions. It protects us from outside elements, insulates us, holds our organs and muscles together, and even has a role in filtering out toxins. Sometimes though, the skin needs help getting rid of those toxins that it excretes. Dry brushing is a way that we can help our skin out and its great for aiding our lymphatic system detox. Take a standard natural bristle brush and start brushing your skin from the feet on up. Be careful not to brush too hard so your skin doesn’t get irritated.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the principle of balancing Qi (more commonly pronounced as chi), the life force that harmonizes all functions of the body. An acupuncture treatment can help you eliminate cravings and can assist in getting rid of toxins through the urinary tract. The theory is that if the body is operating as normal as possible, then it will naturally get rid of waste material and toxins that it does not need. An acupuncture session can usually last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and generally people will be treated 2-3 times per month when they are trying to detox.

  • Juicing

This is another more common form of detoxing that seems to be taking the world by storm. There are a wide variety of methods that have been used, but they are all generally based on the same principle: replacing a meal or meals with juices that are packed full of essential nutrients and are designed to help rid the body of impurities and toxins. Juice cleanses can last for three days or 30 days and can replace one meal or all your meals. The choice is up to you. Just remember to consult a health-care professional before doing a juice cleanse to make sure your body is able to adjust properly to the change in diet.

  • Herbal Detox

There is a lot of benefits when choosing to use natural herbs to help your body to detox. Various different herbal combinations can be used to target different types of toxins and/or different body systems. However, please to always be mindful about the diuretic effects of some of the less-costly herbal teas that claim to have detox effects. The diuretics are not the preferred way to do a detox as it can pull out disproportional amount of good nutrients such as potassium and other vital minerals out of our body system. I would always consult someone qualified in herbology to help you choose wisely what’s the best herbal detox for you.

Source: Nature’s Sunshine Products Blog

Why Cleanse and Detox?

The practice of cleansing the digestive system dates back to ancient Greece. In the United States, cleansing became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, it is widely accepted that proper digestion is crucial for overall health.

The practice of cleansing the digestive system dates back to ancient Greece. In the United States, cleansing became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, it is widely accepted that proper digestion is crucial for overall health.

When digestion is efficient and complete, all of the food you eat is broken down and either utilized or flushed out as waste. When the digestive process is inefficient, partially digested food matter may be left behind in the digestive system. It is theorized that this buildup may produce toxins that can contribute to fatigue and a host of other undesirable symptoms. Sluggish digestion or debris in the bowel may also reduce the efficiency with which the body is able to eliminate toxins and waste products.

CleanStart is a comprehensive approach to cleansing the whole body. It contains laxative herbs to facilitate the cleansing of the intestinal tract. Soothing herbs blended into the formula help support gentle cleansing. Herbs that help rekindle the ability of the digestive system to properly handle digestion, absorption and waste elimination are also part of this product. Because the digestive system is not alone in the waste-elimination process, herbs for detoxifying the accessory organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas) and the urinary system are incorporated into this formula. Blood purification is also an important aspect of body cleansing; hence, reputable blood-purifying herbs are also components of the CleanStart program.

                 Laxative Herbs

DandelionThe laxative herbs in this formula help remove toxic debris that build up in the colon. Psyllium and fenugreek seeds are high in fiber and have a bulk laxative action, which helps support optimal gastrointestinal transit. Cascara sagrada, yellow dock, buckthorn and Turkey rhubarb are high in anthraquinones. These substances act on the large intestines, stimulating colon peristalsis to promote elimination.

Marshmallow, licorice, aloe and ginger soothe the digestive system while cleansing. Marshmallow root contains mucilaginous polysaccharides that help protect and soothe tissues. Licorice and ginger are reported to have antispasmodic and gastroprotective effects.

Sarsaparilla, red clover, echinacea, burdock, Oregon grape, couch grass, milk thistle and dandelion are purifying herbs in this pack. They are recommended for periodic “spring cleaning” of the body. Their mild diuretic effects are beneficial in promoting the elimination of toxins via the urinary system. In addition, sarsaparilla, through its sweat-promoting properties, enhances toxin elimination from the lymph and circulatory systems.

Bentonite and sodium copper chlorophyllin are detoxifying ingredients. Bentonite adsorbs toxins, facilitating their removal from the bowel. Sodium copper chlorophyllin is a green pigment found in almost all plants. It has been used to aid in the removal of various toxins via the liver and remains a key compound for improving the function of essential detoxification pathways.

Pepsin, capsicum, potassium citrate and lactobacillus help restore improved function of the digestive system. Anytime a deficiency of proteolytic enzymes exists, bits of undigested protein may remain in the body, causing difficulties. Pepsin supports efficient protein digestion and protects the intestines from foreign invaders. Capsicum is used to improve digestion and relieve occasional gastrointestinal problems. Potassium citrate plays a role in gastric secretion and enzyme reactions, helping to support digestion. Lactobacillus spores were thoughtfully blended into this cleanse to help re-establish the balance of these beneficial organisms. CleanStart is a thorough, yet gentle cleanse that is perfect for just about anyone. The ingredients in CleanStart are incorporated into a capsule packet and a powder drink mix packet (available in Apple-Cinnamon and Wild Berry flavors) that make cleansing easy and convenient.

Source: Nature’s Sunshine Products Blog



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First identified in 1998, nitric oxide now has a broad body of scientific research detailing its many benefits. In fact, its discovery was so groundbreaking that it led to a Nobel Prize. Click here to learn more about the effects of N-O, including its impact on blood pressure, vasodilation, and heart health.

Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Beet Root powder, hawthorn berry extract, L-citrulline, sodium nitrite, mannitol, modified cellulose, xylitol, natural flavors, magnesium vegetable, stearate, stevia, silica, natural carmine color.

Adults take once or twice daily, 12 hours apart. Place one lozenge in your mouth, dissolve or chew and swallow. Do not place under tongue or swallow whole. Hydrate before and after taking to avoid mouth sensitivity. Do not exceed two lozenges in a 24 hour period.

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Neo40Daily is proven to help the body naturally increase its nitric oxide level:

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Neo40 Daily helps raise levels of Nitric Oxide, which is the molecule naturally produced in our bodies that helps maintain cardiovascular health and improves circulation. It’s produced in the lining of your arteries and literally “tells” the surrounding muscles to relax, causing dilation and increased blood flow.