Cholesterol Myth Explained

Confused about cholesterol? Lowering cholesterol should be everyone’s goal to reduce cardiovascular risks?

There are lots of questions and myths still out there. We have been teaching folks at our wellness center that cholesterol is not what is being publicized to be and how if reduced too low, there are regrettable health consequences. Dr. Bob DeMaria does an excellent job in explaining what we have been saying all these years, except more eloquently and simplistically. You just might think of cholesterol differently after watching this…

Health VideosThink You Know Cholesterol? Watch This

If you are struggling with cholesterol, please come by our wellness center and let us give you the information you need to understand its importance and how to manage it using holistic and natural modalities. Simply call 512-310-8880 or visit our 2 locations in the north Austin area!


Posted by Paul

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