Commitment to Education


We believe there is power and freedom in true knowledge!
We conduct educational health classes regularly either in our Wellness Center (small group) or in hotels (large group).

Past topics of our in-store classes include: Essence of Water, 7 Pillars of Health, Untold Truth Series, Emotional Balancing with Essential Oils, Transform Your Health, Women’s Health Series, Weight Loss Support Group, 9 Body Systems, Pain Killer Alternatives, Natural Family First Aid Kit, ADD/ADHD, and many other topics.

We also host and co-host many supplier and holistic school sponsored city-wide events such as School of Natural Health, Herb Specialist Certification, Natural Health Consultant, Business Leadership Training, etc…

If any of the above interests you, please let us know that you want to enroll. Check back with us often by clicking the Schedule of Events for the latest as we frequently update the listing of our classes, seminars, and conferences.

Our Resource Center

We carry books and reference material from the latest research in the field of natural alternative health at our center. We have sit-down chair (equipped with Shiatzu massage) for you to use any time during store hours. Our resources include Family PDR, nutritional healing books and age-old herbal remedies from all over the world (some of our own concoction). So come by our wellness center and do your own research on any health topic you wish. We are here to empower you to take charge of your own health!

Blogs, Audio and Video Postings

Many of the written articles and blogs presented on this website are the result of our own original research, however, we do feature sometimes material that may be written and/or published audio/video by a third party. This is our way of delivering you with greater depth and width of this ever expanding area of health and wellness. As a result, we cannot be 100% responsible for the content of the third party publications (written, audio, or video format). Of course, we reserve the full right to our own material and ask for your respect of our copyright. We do love for you to like our blogs and share the link to our pages as you like with your social media friends.
Again, for the latest local and city-wide classes and meetings, please visit our events webpage.