Daily Detoxification Tips

What’s better than detoxing regularly (once to 4 times a year)? It’s detoxing every single day! Why better?
  • Avoid toxin accumulation over time by addressing the key channels of elimination in our body on a daily basis.
  • Even when you detox 4 times a year like us, we are rotating our detox program on different elimination organs. Thereby cleansing a particular organ only once a year. We are still allowing at least a year long of toxicity build-up on that organ.
  • We are taking in toxins daily, by foods/water we ingest or air we breathe or chemicals we touch and apply topically. So why should we not find a way to get rid of them on a daily basis?
  • Daily detox is gradual and gentler than most of the one-time detox programs. Keeping your body eliminating unwanted waste material incrementally and constantly.
  • Just like you should do exercise regularly, if not daily, daily detoxing enables our body to be in the tip-top shape all day, all week, all month, and all year long.
  • Daily detoxing could be the detox that ends all the detoxes!

Here are some key foods and daily essentials you should consider to aid in your daily detox routines.

Foods to Eat

(choose organic to avoid pesticides)fruits

  • garlic, leeks, onions, chives, scallions
  • broccoli, collards, kale, brussels sprouts, bok choy, arugula, radish, turnips
  • eggs, turmeric, curry, green tea, lecithin

Daily Essentials

  1. Saponins (herbs with cleansing/soap-like properties).
    Lecithin. Yucca (may help with joint health). Fat Grabbers®.
  2. Algin and Chlorella (found in Super Algae) may help with heavy metal detoxification.
  3. Prebiotics and Probiotics help restore a balanced flora environment; may help in the removal of some toxicants.
  4. Ultimate GreenZone. Daily detoxifier! Contains prebiotics, chlorella, lecithin, broccoli, kale and more!
  5. Liquid Chlorophyll. Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.
  6. Activated Charcoal and Bentonite clay (found in CleanStart) help grab toxicants and prevent their recirculation/reuptake in the body.
  7. Malic Acid (found in Fibralgia) helps with specific metal detox.
  8. Milk Thistle helps increase the rate of elimination from the body.
  9. N-Acetyl Cysteine may help with the removal of some metals.
  10. Cilantro (found in Heavy Metal Detox). Animal studies show that cilantro can help lower the rate of lead absorption into bone.
  11. Bowel Detox (for daily cleansing) contains algin, charcoal and bentonite clay to help absorb toxins.
  12. Dieters Cleanse, includes
    Bowel Detox and Enviro-Detox capsules, plus
    Milk Thistle
    (Liver Cleanse Formula).

Ready-To-Go Daily Detox Basics Pack

Got no time for all or any of the above because your schedule simply won’t allow that? Then try the Detox Basics. Detox Basics provides your body with the nutrients it needs to help neutralize, prepare and convert toxins for transport and elimination on a daily basis. Find out more about it by watching this video.


Fasting may help release toxins from fat. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids (filtered water, juice or broth) to help move toxins through the body for elimination. I have seen people food fast one day a week for years. People who are too sensitive, ill or weak should not fast. Continue the use of any prescribed medications during your fast.

Detox Side Effects Can Be Real

During detox, things like headache, lightheadedness, diarrhea and aches are normal. Just slow down a bit. Get plenty of fluids and take your cleanse every other day.


Sources: Cindy Klement at Leaders Conference 2014, in SLC, UT  and NSP blogs.


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