How to Detox After New Year’s Parties

It’s fun to pop some champagne and toast the new year, but the next day rarely has you feeling as good. Start the new year fresh by giving your liver a much deserved cleanse and detoxing the rest of your body while you’re at it.

  1. Turn to Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt should already be a staple in your diet—it’s low calorie, full of nutrients, and contains healthy probiotics—and it should absolutely be a pillar of your detox diet.

Greek yogurt contains fructose, which can help to burn any lingering alcohol in your system. Include some nutritious additions, such as energy-boosting pistachios or antioxidant-rich blueberries to really put this snack over the top.

  1. Detox Your Life

Food and drink aren’t the only toxins in our lives that may hurt our health. The first of the year is a great time to purge your life of toxins and chemicals that may be harming you.

Obviously, alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods have got to go when you’re detoxing. But other toxins to eliminate include cigarettes, fragranced soaps and candles, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Introduce all-natural alternatives into your home so that those toxins don’t re-enter your body when your detox diet ends.

  1. Sip on Dandelions

Yes, we mean those weeds that grow in your yard each spring (tongue and cheek). Dandelions are actually a powerful plant full of nutrients. Some studies have shown that dandelions contain diuretic and liver-detoxifying properties, and one study even showed that dandelion root extract reduced alcohol-related liver damage in mice.

You can easily find detox dandelion teas at your local health foods store or try a dandelion supplement to receive all of the plant’s healthful benefits.

  1. Get a Clean Start

You can get some help starting the year off right with a detoxifying dietary supplement. Nature’s Sunshine’s Clean Start comes in a variety of flavors and strengths. This two-week program includes a capsule and drink mix combination perfected to aid your body in its natural cleansing process.

Clean Start gently moves intestinal contents through the digestive system, may help maintain natural energy levels, and supports healthy liver detoxification and function, among other benefits.

  1. Sweat it Out

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, which makes it an essential part of a comprehensive detox. Although you may not feel like heading to the gym on New Year’s Day, you’ll benefit from sweating out those toxins from the night before.

Even if you can’t get yourself to the treadmill, a session in the sauna or hot shower can help you excrete toxins and leave your body ripe for replenishment with nutrients and lots of water.


Source: Nature’s Sunshine Website Blogs


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