Introducing Dr. Michael Greger

In my research over the years, I have poured over hundreds of websites and thousands of scientific publications. However rewarding that is (and it is), the work is very laborious and time consuming.

In the course of last 2 years however, I found a site that does an excellent job in doing what I was doing and more. That would be Dr. Michael Greger’s website. It contains well researched scientific topics with lots and lots of scientific paper references. In fact, you will see his presentation is 100% based on scientific papers. As a result, I have benefited and enjoyed tremendously from his work over the course of last 2 years.

Now, I would like to start referring to his work on my website. I would also like to offer you an opportunity to either watch and learn some of Dr. Greger’s video and/or written blogs selectively on my site or you may directly to go his website for your own research of topics. It is completely FREE – he has dedicate it to public usage as a non-profit organization. Thank you Dr. Greger and team!

Now, before you start getting all excited (and you should), a few things I would like to share with you what I learned about Dr. Greger’s position that may be different than mine or yours:

  • Dr. Greger is a vegetarian and a strong proponent of the vegetarian/vegan diet. I lean more on a balanced diet between vegetables (yes, I favor lots of vegetables – raw and organic kind), clean meat proteins, good fats, and low carbohydrates.
  • Dr. Greger is a believer of the evolution theory and thus his contents are based on that premise. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong by taking on that position as a scientist. However, I believe it is still just a theory. It takes as much faith to stand on the creation theory as it is to believe in the evolution theory.

With that said as a part of the background disclaimer, everything else that Dr. Greger presents make very good sense and therefore I will begin releasing on this website some selection of his past and recent videos and blogs on subjects that I believe to be relevant to my audience’s readership. Hope you will find them enjoyable, useful and practical.

Here is Dr. Greger’s non-profit site link: Stay tuned to our enriching blogs in the near future.

Until then – let me know of your thoughts and comments.

Have a Happiest and Healthiest 2018!


Posted by Paul

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