Is Avocado Good For You?

With the Keto Diet gaining popularity, more and more people are interested in Avocado as their source of high-fats diet plan.

Avocado, one of the most beloved fruits(because it is a single seeded fruit from a tree)/vegetable(because of lack of sweetness, its fatty content v. all other fruits, and it is green in physical appearance and content) in the western hemisphere. Most of us have fully accepted of its goodness and how it helps with our health in general. But few knows exactly how it works and why is it good for our body.

To help us shed some light on Avocados I am showing here one of Dr. Greger’s videos for our background education. Caution: Dr. Greger does get into the science of it and it may get a bit overwhelming after awhile. But he has all the good stuff (scientific studies) that you and I need to better understand about this marvelous fruit/vegetable – whatever you call it!



Posted by Paul

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