New Products – Emotional Flower Essences

Flower remedies are liquid extracts made from carefully selected flowers. They have been used for several decades to help with emotional well-being.

Nature’s Sunshine will be introducing this December, a new unique line of both English and North American flower essences that feature flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine wildcrafted habitats.

Many folks come to our shop looking for supplements to help with their physical body’s needs. However, we often find their physical healing is impeded by their emotional state of mind, which many a times acts a blockage to their natural healing process.

Holistic health is the wellness in one’s mind, spirit, emotion, and body combined and not just any one of them alone.

A British surgeon in the 1930’s discovered the power of flowers and how their essences affected several emotional conditions. He studied them further and developed over 3 dozen flower essences for a large variety of specific emotional states. Here is a brief description on each of the available remedies:

Distress Remedy – This flower remedy is the most popular on the market. It is designed to balance or center an emotional state. Use in times of stress or tension.    

Keep Cool – Vented Anger Formula

Help control anger, fear, and grief. It also helps with calming temper. Designed for a controlling and domineering personality.

Find Strength – Suppressed Anger Formula

For people who tend to suppress their anger. Find the strength to stand up for yourself.

Release It – Vented Grief Formula

For those who need to release grief. Let go of past victimhood or sadness.

Open Heart – Suppressed Grief Formula

For those who suppress grief or who lack empathy or compassion for  others. It may help you feel more love for others.

Be Courageous – Vented Fear Formula

For those who have fear or need help making decisions and moving forward in the direction you want to go.

Be Response-Able – Supressed Fear Formula

Be more aware of what you are doing. Take charge of life in a responsible way.

Please note the flower essences are taken by mouth and may be used separately or in conjunction with herb/supplement regimens. These new products feature a glycerin base and are approved for all ages.

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