Ready For Some 4Ward Thinking?

Isn’t It About Time For Some 4Ward Thinking?

With 4 product categories highlighted by 4 signature herbal beverages (Solle Vital, CinnaMate, Renue, Excell), Solle Naturals is blazing a new trail in the field of nutritional supplementation. Solle’s 4 key drink products are truly innovative formulas that include unique new ingredients like Yuzu, Cupuacu and Maral Root, but also include more traditional herbals like alfalfa, thyme, butchers broom, eyebright and chamomile.

And here is the latest to prove our point – While some companies have tried to hide the inclusion of MSG in their products by listing it under natural flavors (there is nothing about MSG that is natural). Solle Naturals have not.

Here are the very own words of one of the Solle Founders – “Solle never has and never will add MSG to our products. What we are experiencing is one of the unique challenges that comes along with being truly innovative. Solle’s 4 drink formulas are each one of a kind and industry advancing. They use innovative ingredients like Yuzu and Cupuacu. These difficult to source formulas have been artfully combined with natural flavors to create drinks that are not only healthy, but that taste great. In order to keep our many eager competitors from knocking off our formulas, we have decided to keep the exact formulas carefully guarded. Rest assured, however, that the natural flavors are just that, natural flavors. I will give you one example. In CinnaMate, the natural flavor is…drum roll please… cinnamon. There are actually three different types of cinnamon in CinnaMate. We just won’t tell you which three and/or the exact amounts.”

If you are ready to try the next generation of herbal supplements, call us 512-310-8880 for a sample.


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    Can I buy these products wholesale?

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      Yes, please call directly into the Solle Naturals at 1-888-787-0665. Please use the Account#3046 as your referrer. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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