Top 10 Natural Remedies For Disaster Relief

As I pen this blog, my outside window is howling with strong wind and the rain has been coming down non-stop over the last 6 hours. Hurricane Harvey’s news and reports are being blasted on every local and national TV channels I tune in to.

Yes, even in Austin, TX where I live, we are bracing ourselves for the CAT4 hurricane Harvey which just did its landfall about 7 hours or so ago near the Port Aransas area. Unlike other hurricanes, Harvey is going to stall out and linger inland for a couple of days and then go back out to the Gulf of Mexico and then possibly make a second landfall around Houston area. The amount of the rain estimated by the Weather Channel is expected to bring devastation to many communities across the Gulf region of Texas and Louisiana. In fact, severe flash flood warnings have been issued across all over the Central Texas region in the next several days.

So, the question  I ask myself at a time like this is – Am I prepared for the disaster that could unfold for me and my family? How about you? Are you prepared? Do you have a small essential list of items that you keep at hand just for an occasion such as this? Even when there is no imminent danger at hand, one should have an emergency first-aid kit ready and handy.

I would like to offer below a brief and condensed list of items that we personal have at hand at all times that can become life-safer when it is needed:

  1. Ionic/Colloidal Silver Liquid – wash wounds, pour 1 oz into 1 gallon of drinking water to disinfect it, overcome throat irritation/infection by swishing, gargling, and swallowing
  2. Ionic/Collidal Silver Gel – address wounds, hand disinfectant lotion, natural tooth paste
  3. Food Enzymes – protect yourself from questionable source of foods that you may have to eat under stressful situations
  4. Curcumin Extra Strength – fights joint and muscle inflammation and pain. Also a great agent for immune boosting
  5. Protein bars – healthy snack bars for at least 3 day survival for energy and strength. This may be particularly helpful to diabetics who do not do well without food for prolonged period of time.
  6. Activated Charcoal – absorbs and removes toxins and irritants from the digestive tract such as heavy metals, parasites, food poisoning, and other toxins ingested inadvertently from bad food sources. Great for diarrhea or other commonly known digestive related issues.
  7. Lavender Essential Oil – reliefs skin burns, nerve calming, sleep aid
  8. Tei-fu Essential oil and lotion – headaches, muscle pains/sprains, hot/cold topical treatment, bug bites
  9. Probiotics – room temperature Bacillus Coagulans to balance gut microbiome and help with immune function
  10. Pure Water – when running water is contaminated, either boil water to drink or stock up with filtered ionized water. Get a trustworthy portable water purifier for campers will also work.

Hope this short list is of help to your disaster preparations. My wife and I believe this list so much so that we have this entire list with us on every single travel event. Have never gotten sick on any of our travels for the last 20 years!

What are your favorite natural disaster relief items?

Be prepared!


Posted by Paul

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