Award Winning Anti-Smoking Ad

Looking for a motive to stop smoking? Know someone who is looking for a motive to do the same? View this sobering and award winning anti-smoking ad from Thailand and share it with someone you love.

With American Medical Association and other government health organizations showing recently the wide range of devastating data from smoking. It has been worse than they have been telling the public in the past.

So now, they are basically sounding the alarm and declared war on cigarette smoking. Latest news – CVS Pharmacy has officially announced they will no longer be selling cigarettes on their premises, thus losing $2 Billion dollar of business a year.

To Your Health and Happiness.

P.S. If you are serious in wanting to quit smoking, call us or visit us and find out what are some of the most effective herbs and herbal combination products that are available to help you in that effort. You CAN do it!


Posted by Paul

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