The New Body-Shape Detox Diet Plan

What is Body-Shape Detox Diet Program?

This is a new and accelerated weight management supervised program optimized for individual body-shapes by customizing individual dietary and supplement plans throughout the 4 different stages of this program to maximize the weight and fat loss potential in the specific areas of interest.

PHASE 1 – The Preparation Phase (4-6 wks)

Participants initiate the program by re-setting the body from all the past toxic indulgences. Cleansing programs such as colon, liver, candida are highly recommended. During this time, whole food eating and healthy lifestyles will be introduced that are body-shape specific. Client can expect losing some weight, reduce toxins, increase energy and mental clarity, and increase metabolism.

PHASE2 – Accelerated Detox-Diet Phase (3-6 wks)

Initiate individualized protocol with Homeopathic intake. The first 2 days of requires a very high caloric diet, followed with low-caloric diet (adjustable 500 to 1000 calories per day)  for the rest of the regimen. One can expect losing between 0.5 to 1 lb reduction per day on average. A bit less for the higher calorie intake cases. Supervision & monitoring needed!

PHASE 3 – The Weight Set-Point Phase (3 weeks)

Once the new weight is at a satisfactory level, the Homeopathy dropper intake is stopped at the end of Phase 2. Careful gradual increase of calorie at meal times with body-shape diet guidelines takes place with absolutely NO starch or sugars allowed. Critical period to fine-tune your body’s weight set-point. Coaching highly advisable!

PHASE 4 – The Maintenance Phase (Rest of Life)

The body’s new metabolic rate is now set. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits for your body shape/type should keep your body weight and shape in place without much variation. Ideally, you should be looking forward to keeping the Phase 1 type of lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Benefits of the Body-Shape Detox Diet Program:

LOSE WEIGHT FAST – Lose between 0.5 to 1 pound on average per day during Phase 2 of the diet plan.

BODY-SHAPE FAT LOSS – This diet is designed to help you lose mostly fats in the areas of concern, whether you body shape is Apple or Pear. By loosing right type of fat, your body will naturally contour back to its original shape.

LONG LASTING – Our successful weight set Phase 3 can help you lock-in the weight with diet plans that are body shape specific.

ADJUSTABLE CALORIC PLANS – By incorporating various aspects from multiple successful diet plans, we will find the right diet plan and natural supplements  required to meet the need of your body shape.

REPEATABLE – You can repeat the rounds (completing Phase 1 to 4 is one round) as many times as you like with a period of recommended pause. Some folks have reported over 100 pounds total loss.

SAFE – We offer homeopathic detox products – its ingredients belong to the safe Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of United States (HPUS) as well as therapeutic herbal supplements and essential oils.

CLIENT-SPECIFIC – Our dietary plan is  adjustable and client-specific based on each client’s body shape, needs and goal.

Call or email us to find out how you may participate in this amazing accelerated weight and body-shape management program. 512-310-8880.


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